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July 2024
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Tips for the Perfect Wedding Toast

Two glasses toasting

Many guests step tentatively into their first club meeting with hopes of practicing a speech for a wedding or similar special occasion. During this time of year, happy couples in many parts of the world join with families and friends in a ceremony to begin their lives together. Where there’s a gathering, there’s a need to celebrate the occasion with a heartfelt toast.

Below is a list of proven tips for delivering a memorable toast with confidence and finesse.

  • Identify yourself. Open with a brief explanation of your relationship to the couple before beginning the toast.
  • Be prepared. The best toasts include an opening, a body and a conclusion.
  • Stay on topic. Although you may be nervous, stay focused on the couple and their special day.
  • Get personal. A toast should be original, heartfelt and customized for the occasion.
  • Use humor but avoid telling potentially embarrassing stories and using offensive language.
  • Be creative. Avoid clichés and consider using a relevant quote to illustrate your words.
  • Be brief. A toast should last no longer than three minutes.
  • Stand; lift your glass by the stem and say, “I’d like to propose a toast.” Pause to allow guests to shift their attention toward you and give them time to lift their glasses. When you start speaking, lower your glass to about waist height.
  • Practice makes perfect. Rehearse your message in advance in front of a group of friends.

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